The Untold Story Behind the Quest to Train 100,000 STEM Teachers

Working To Improve Education

After law school, Milgrom-Elcott began her career working as a law clerk in Manhattan for a Federal Judge. It was there that she began to hear about the work Joel Klein was doing at the New York City Department of Education. Schools in New York had been plagued with problems for decades, but somehow Klein seemed to be getting results. She was intrigued.

Islands Unto Themselves

After spending a few years working with Klein, Milgrom-Elcott moved to the Carnegie Corporation to work as a program officer, which put her in contact with a wide array of programs devoted to improving education in America. She found many hard working, intelligent people that were getting results.

A Call To Action

In the fall of 2010, President Obama announced an audacious goal, to recruit 10,000 new STEM teachers over the next two years. That winter, he upped the ante to 100,000 in 10 years during his State of the Union Address, which was even more ambitious. To many, it seemed downright outlandish, but Milgrom-Elcott took it as a call to action.

Weaving Together A Network For A Better Future

Today, 100Kin10 has become a massive platform for collaboration that connects and empowers nearly 300 partner organizations. “We not only offer ideas, we offer empowerment for programs to connect with each other, share ideas and learn together, so that a great idea in one place can cascade through the network and expand its impact,” Milgrom-Elcott says.



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