Marketers Need To Start Preparing For The End Of The Digital Age And The New Era Of Innovation

Shifting To New Computing Architectures

The central task of early mainframe computers was to perform calculations that few people had any use for — huge back office tasks like accounting and payroll and complex scientific calculations. However, as computing became exponentially cheaper, marketers began to use it for research. Later came the Internet, banner ads, CRM and a thousand other things.

AI As The New UI

In 1988, Don Norman published his seminal book, The Design of Everyday Things , which is largely seen as pioneering the user-centered design movement. Today, user experience has become a thriving field in itself and marketers have learned, for the most part, that better experiences can be a key sales driver.

Blockchain As The New Database

In 1970, a researcher at IBM cnamed Edgar F. Codd came up with a new way to store and retrieve data called the relational database. It was a discovery that was so obscure that, in fact, IBM itself didn’t fully understand its implications and the industry it spawned would be dominated by companies like Oracle and SAP.

The Twilight Of The Digital Age

A decade ago, there were still serious debates about the significance of digital technology for marketing. Banner ads were still the dominant digital medium, social media was still in its infancy and mobile marketing hadn’t really gotten started yet. It is nothing less than remarkable how much things have changed in such a short amount of time.



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Greg Satell

Greg Satell

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